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Shape Contour Duplicator Profile Gauge Measuring Tool

Shape Contour Duplicator Profile Gauge Measuring Tool

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Profile Gauge Specification:
. Item type: Profile Gauge
. Material: ABS plastic
. Size: 14.5*10.5*2cm
. Measuring range: 0-120mm
. Scope: 0-120mm


-Instant template for marking precise ceramic tile cuts
-The plastic does not rust conforms to the shape and holds the pattern
-The contour meter measures 12cm/25cm.
-Easy to use - press your teeth against the object to match the outline and then trace the shape you need.
-With exquisite plastic material to stick the object completely.
-Designed to go around pipes, round frame, ducts and many objects.
-For any type of work you need the duplication of the contour. In carpentry, automatic body, automatic metal sheet, stainless steel Or any contour duplication work.
- With magnet you can stick to iron products, and facilitates measurement and cutting.
Constructed of high quality ABS plastic for durability and endurance. 

Package included:
. 1 x Profile Gauge

How To Use The Contour Gauge ?

Step 1. Prepare the contour gauge and the tools you need.

Step 2. Use the contour gauge to measure the profile of the corner.

Step 3. Just marker the contour on the carpet or tile and cut into the trace.

Step 4. Then the carpet or tile will completely match the contour of the corner

Note:Due to the lighting effect, there will be color difference between the object and the picture.


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